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Make Your Own Wedding or Engagement Ring

Solo and Couple Workshops

DIY Ring Workshop Pricing

For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, book your DIY consultation today. 

Enjoy a fun filled day as Lisa demonstrates each step of the process of making your ring.  She'll demonstrate on different material, so that all the work on your ring is done by you.  Learn to forge, solder, anneal, shape and polish with state of the art equipment that actual jewelers use.  Leave at the end of the day with your own beautiful, handmade ring.

To get fully accurate pricing on your particular ring design, book a consultation.

The full price of your DIY ring is WORKSHOP + MATERIALS.

$600 plus materials

Averages 4 hours

DIY Wedding Band Workshop, Solo

$800 per couple plus materials

Averages 6 hours

DIY Wedding Band Workshop for Couples

$1000/day plus materials

Averages 9 hours

DIY Engagement Ring Workshop, Solo

Workshop Pricing

At DIY Ring Workshop, we want to make the planning of your workshop simple, fun and easy!

The best way to get an exact price for your metal and diamonds or gemstones is to book a Zoom appointment. Design and pricing can be complicated, so zoom consultations are preferred to text or email inquiries.

Material Pricing

Couple Workshop:                                $800

Tarnish Resistant Sterling:                 $100

Total Cost:                                                $900

Sterling Wedding Bands

E-Ring Workshop:                             $1000

14k rose gold wire and setting:     $460

Black diamond                                     $600

Total Cost:                                           $2060

Rose Gold and Black Diamond Engagement Ring

E-Ring Workshop, Solo:                   $1000

Wedding Band Couples:                    $800

E Ring materials                                    $480

Men's Wedding band material       $1100

Woman's wedding band material   $360

Lab grown diamonds                        $2500

Total Cost:                                              $6240

14k Yellow Gold and Lab Created Diamond Bridal Set

Total Ring Price Examples

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