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Design Your DIY Wedding and Engagement Ring

There are many options when it comes to designing and making your own wedding or engagement ring.

All the suggested ideas are intended to be handmade within one day, or sometimes two days for the more complex designs.

Because you will be hand forging, bending, hammering and soldering metal rod, you are limited to some degree to the shape of the ring.  You will be able to file, shape, texture, and polish your ring, so there are many options within that scope of work.

Check out the below categories for a deeper understanding of what is possible.  When you have settled on your ring design (and booked your workshop!) go to the material page to purchase your materials.

Basic Elements

Metal Type

The most popular metal types, and the ones we offer for easy purchase, are 14k yellow gold, 14k rose gold, 18k yellow gold, 14k white gold, platinum, and Sterlium Plus (a premium sterling silver). If you want a different material, just contact us.

Ring Size

You may already know your ring size, or you might not. Upon request, we'll send you this handy ring sizing kit so you can order the right amount of material for your ring. Size matters! We want to have just the perfect amount of metal, because it is so expensive.

Ring Width

The width of your ring will affect the comfort, design and metal cost.  Most engagement rings shown on this site are 2mm wide. Common widths for men are 4mm to 6mm.   If you want a width not listed here, just contact us.

Once you've decided upon your metal type, ring size and ring width, you're halfway there, and ready to order materials if you're just making wedding bands. 


All of the shaping and texturing will be done during the workshop.


Check out the following sections for more details on wedding band and engagement ring choices.

Wedding Band Design

Ring Shape

When you're making your ring, you can use the lathe or files to create the shape you love.

Engagement Ring Design


The shank of an engagement ring is usually 2mm wide for DIY's. You'll have a choice of "Classic" or "Cathedral." Because you start with square rod, you'll be able to give the shape that you want during the DIY.

Gallery of Rings Made by Our DIY'ers!

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