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Make Your Own Wedding Rings and Engagement Ring

The DIY Ring Workshop

You want more than just a ring.

You want a ring that you've made with your very own hands.

But forging a ring is not easy, and the equipment is expensive. Learning how to set stones can take years. And mistakes in gold are even more expensive.

Where can you find an outgoing, personable jeweler who loves to teach?

Look no further.  At DIY Ring Workshops, you'll be trained by the best. You will, completely hands-on, make your own wedding or engagement ring from start to finish.

Lisa Krikawa has been handmaking rings since her first hilarious failed attempt in 1988.  She founded, which has specialized in custom wedding and engagement rings since 1998. Discovering her love for teaching first started with her employees, and she now teaches couples and individuals how to make their own rings.

Sign up for a private or semi-private class and take an exciting trip to the Sonoran Desert! Tucson, Arizona, is a wonderful destination to make your ring or rings.

And your ring will forever remind you of your budding love.

Forge Your Own Wedding Ring

How To

Book your workshop. You can choose a private, one-on-one experience, or make your ring with a small cohort of up to four people. You can book online, you can schedule a free zoom consult, or you can contact Lisa via email or text to work out the details!

01 - Book Your Workshop

You'll have virtually any precious metal available to you from gold to platinum, and diamonds and gems from lab created to natural. If you want a quote for the materials in advance of booking, simply contact us.  

02 - Pay for Materials

Plan your trip to the gorgeous Sonoran Desert! Whether you choose to elope, come alone and secretly, or come as a couple, you'll love the food and lodging options! Tucson is Unesco's "City of Gastronomy" and we have independent restaurants and breweries galore! You won't leave hungry, but you will leave with a gorgeous, professional looking ring made by your own hands.

03 - Travel to Tucson

Meet Your Jewelry Instructor

Meet Lisa Krikawa, your trainer for a day.  She will give you one-on-one help making your own wedding bands or make your own wedding or engagement ring. Work at your own pace in an intimate luxury jewelry studio setting with expert and patient instruction while you forge your ring yourself.

Lisa will walk you through the process of forging your ring, by demonstrating on a sample ring.

No prior jewelry-making experience is necessary, although a love for working with your hands is a bonus.

Nothing is more sentimental than a beautiful piece of jewelry you forge yourself.

Book Your Class

DIY Wedding and Engagement Ring Gallery

Anniversary Bands

A Couple Makes Their Anniversary Bands 

​See the full photo album of this workshop.

Engagement & Wedding Ring

Couple Makes Their Own Engagement Ring & Wedding Bands. See the full photo album.

Lab-Diamond & Platinum Ring

The DIY'ing Of A Lab-Diamond And Platinum Engagement Ring. See the full photo album.

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